Berlanti Confirms No Discussions to Connect Arrow to DC Films

Speaking with Fandango, Executive Producer Greg Berlanti says there have been no discussions between the creatives on “Arrow” and the decision makers at Warner Bros. about folding them together.

“We haven’t had any of those conversations other than to say, what characters are we allowed to use this year and advocate or request certain ones that are of interest to us. And every now and then, they’ll say, ‘You can’t have that guy.’ They don’t say why, and we figure out why later on.”

Now this doesn’t mean that it won’t eventually happen, especially if the fan demand continues to grow as it has, but at the time it would appear the two entities will remain seperate.

Do you want to see “Arrow” connect to Man of Steel and the upcoming Batman vs.Superman or do you think it should stay on its own? Sound off below!