Marvel Comics Reveals Disney Kingdoms Imprint

The project teased at this year’s D23 Convention, Marvel Comics has revealed to its plans for a new comic book imprint, “Disney Kingdoms,” that will launch with the five-issue miniseries, “Seekers of the Weird,” in January 2014.

Developed in conjunction with Walt Disney Imagineering, “Seekers of the Weird” is based on the never-built theme park attraction “Museum of the Weird” that was planned as an addition to Disneyland’s “The Haunted Mansion” in 1965. The series will follow two teens, Maxwell and Melody, who team with their swashbuckling uncle to enter the mysterious museum and save their parents from an evil secret society.

“Witch Doctor” writer Brandon Seifert will write the series with Karl Moline (“Avengers Academy”) providing the artwork. You can check out an early look at the cover for the first issue below!