Gina Carano on the Importance of Wonder Woman

“That’s the ultimate superhero for a woman. No matter what, no matter who ends up being Wonder Woman someday, I just hope it’s something that is done correctly. I know it’s there and that it could definitely be done correctly. It’s just a matter of getting the right people and having the right vision come together. A director and producer and writer have to see the beauty in it and make it real.”

Carano mentioned that she’s “starting to get into the comic book space a little,” hinting at “good prospects” in the future for her. Though she’s no doubt referring to the adaptation of Rob Liefeld’s Avengelyne, which is still in development, we can still hope she will bring the Amazon warrior to life.

Warner Bros. has made no mention of Wonder Woman transitioning to the big screen in some time. A script was commissioned from Green Lantern scribe Michael Goldenberg last year, but after the success of Man of Steel we don’t expect that to come to fruition.

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(Photo credit: Mary Ann Owen / WENN)