Hot Toys Teases Man of Steel Deluxe Figures

Hot Toys is a company most well known for making deluxe, high-end action figures of characters from popular movies. Throughout the past year,we’ve shown off their various Avengers and G.I. Joe figures, but the company has finally moved over to the DC side. Teased this morning on the Hot Toys Facebook page are deluxe figures for Superman himself and his father Jor-El. Here’s what they had to say in their teaser:

“One of the most anticipated blockbusters this summer, Man of Steel will begin to hit theaters worldwide next month! Audience will get to take a new look at the origin and rise of an iconic superhero. We know that fans have been eagerly waiting, and we are very excited and happy to inform you today that the collectible figures of Man of Steel will be coming soon!”
Check back here later this week for the full reveal of the figures!
Click on the images to see bigger versions!