Web Comic Wayward Sons: Legends Coming to the Big Screen

“The Pantheans have just prevailed in a bloody civil war. Things go quickly awry while attempting to imprison the traitorous Kronos and a multitude of monstrous intergalactic criminals. Now the crew of the Ulympea, led by Captain Suras, must do whatever it takes to stem a full-scale prison break. What happens next, however, is completely unexpected as they are flung across the universe to crash land on a remote planet — ancient Earth! What starts as a straight forward Sci-Fi story, soon takes twists and turns into a genre-bending epic as we follow the beings who would inspire every myth, legend and fairy tale in human history.”

Lin Pictures will co-produce the film with Red Giant Entertainment. The pair will also be developing a television series based in the “Wayward Sons” universe as part of their agreement.

Wayward Sons: Legends launched in May of 2010 and was created by Ben R. Powell. You can read the entier series by clicking here.