Platinum Studios Acquires Undercover Clown

Platinum Studios, Inc. announced today that the company has acquired “Undercover Clown” for the development of a feature film or television series.

“Undercover Clown” is the story of a strait-laced Detective who investigates a suspect who delights in murdering clowns. The Detective, who’s never had use for a sense of humor, must enroll in Clown College in order to infiltrate the world of clowns and discover clues that help him solve the case. In the process of becoming a clown himself, the Detective learns that looking at the funny side of life has its advantages.

The original comic book was written by Devin Hylton.

“We are looking forward to developing ‘Undercover Clown’ because it has universal appeal and a strong message,” says Scott Rosenberg, CEO and Chairman of Platinum Studios. “People immediately get the entertaining argument of this sour detective who needs to become a clown in order to solve a serious murder case. He learns that humor can help him through life’s toughest moments, and that’s a message I believe we should all get behind.”

Projects currently being developed at Platinum include Unique at Disney (with “Harry Potter” producer David Heyman); Vice (with producer Andrew Lazar and Top Cow Productions (Wanted)); Blood Nation (with producer Alexandra Milchan); and, Nightfall (with William Stuart, executive producer of The Rock).

Platinum is also developing “MetaDocs” for television with Landscape Entertainment and also working on “Gray Legion” with Robert W. Cort (producer of Three Men and a Baby, Runaway Bride, Mr. Holland’s Opus).