CBS Interactive Launches Mighty Mouse App

Interactive today announced that Mighty Mouse My Hero, a game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, is now available on the App Store. Mighty Mouse, the beloved cartoon superstar of the 1940s, flies into the 21st century with more than sixty levels of non-stop action. “My Hero” reboots the classic animated CBS show with this casual mobile game set in an extraordinary, colorful cartoon world, and introducing a motley assortment of villains.
“Even though it has been decades since new episodes aired, Mighty Mouse still resonates with a broad audience,” said Rob Gelick, Senior VP and GM of Digital Platforms at CBS Interactive. “In ‘Mighty Mouse My Hero,’ fans play as the iconic Mighty Mouse character, and use his super powers to battle through throngs of bad guys, collect rewards, and unlock secret challenges, all in hopes of saving the heroine. I‘m confident this game will inspire a new generation to fall in love with Mighty Mouse.”
In Mighty Mouse My Hero, gamers play as Mighty Mouse, punching their way to saving his girlfriend Pearl Pureheart from his nemesis Oil Can Harry and other villains. The game features brand new artwork based on the character’s many previous appearances.  Mighty Mouse My Hero was made in collaboration with Little Guy Games, a Toronto-based mobile games developer.
Mighty Mouse made his debut as Super Mouse in the theatrical short “The Mouse of Tomorrow” almost 70 years ago, October 14, 1942. Mighty Mouse has also had a long association with CBS. The company acquired the rights from Terrytoons in 1955, when it began running “Mighty Mouse Playhouse” on Saturday mornings. Its most recent incarnation on CBS Television ran from 1987 to 1988 – “Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures.”
“Mighty Mouse’s star grew bigger on the small screen thanks to CBS.  Now he has moved to an even smaller mobile screen, but remains a larger than life superhero,” said Joe Wos, Executive Director of the Toonseum in Pittsburgh and a fan for more than 35 years. “As we approach his 70th birthday I hope this game will introduce him to new generations. Playing it made me long for the lost magic of Saturday mornings. Now more than ever we need heroes like Mighty Mouse!”
The Mighty Mouse My Hero is available worldwide on the app store now. The iPhone/iPhone touch version is priced 99 cents in the United States and can be downloaded here. Mighty Mouse My Hero HD is available for iPad for $1.99 in the U.S. and can be downloaded here.