SDCC: The Megamind Panel

DreamWorks Animation launched the first Hall H panel of Comic-Con 2010 this morning with a look at their upcoming Megamind.

Moderator Drew McWeeny welcomed director Tom McGrath and the voice of Megamind, Will Ferrell, who took the stage in a homemade costume and his trademark deadpan sense of humor, feigning surprise when the rest of the cast (Tina Fey and Jonah Hill) did not follow suite. Though Brad Pitt is supposed to be attending the con, it was announced that he couldn’t make the panel and, instead, a cardboard cutout of him was jokingly brought out to stand next to the rest of the panelists.

“Whoever I met at the hotel last night,” said Tina as she sat down, “you left your Admiral Ackbar outfit in my room. I just want to know if I can keep it.”

“It’s a trap!” Ferrell added.

A montage of footage served as an extended trailer, now clearly showing the death of Pitt’s Metro Man, whose skeleton actually comes flying through the air after he’s destroyed. We see Megamind, strutting down the street with a boom box and an army of robots as well as a number of shots of him goofing off in the city, crashing cars in a robot suit and battling with Jonah Hill’s Titan (a superhero that Megamind has created to try and make things more exciting). There’s one shot of “No You Can’t” posters parodying the famous Shepard Fairey Obama “Hope” design.

At the end of the footage was a clip of Megamind and Minion (David Cross) putting on disguises to try and trick something out of Titan. Megamind’s disguise is a holo-projected parody of Marlon Brando’s Jor-El in Superman, with Ferrell calling himself “Spacedad” and doing a Brando impression.

“I didn’t actually have glasses on,” said Ferrell after the 3D footage ended, “but I huffed so much paint putting the costume on that I could still see it. It was actually triple what you guys saw.”

Megamind hits theaters on November 5th, 2010. Check out Will’s SDCC costume below: