The Trailer for The Green Hornet!

Hollywood was host to a very special reception this evening as guests gathered at Mann’s Chinese 6 for the first ever look at The Green Hornet trailer that just debuted online. Joining the private screening was director Michel Gondry, star Seth Rogen, writer Evan Goldberg and producer Neal Moritz, who fielded questions with an audience of journalists and their friends.

Following the Q and A, and a double-helping of the trailer, headed across Hollywood Blvd to the green room at “Jimmy Kimmel Live” where Seth was to present the trailer to the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, a fluke power outage left everyone backstage in the dark and the ever-resourceful Jimmy Kimmel instead taped Seth’s interview on his laptop with Apple Photobooth. Because of the technical difficulties, the trailer won’t make its television premiere until tomorrow night (when ABC hopes to air the actual recorded-in-the-dark interview), but it’s now online for you to enjoy. Check out the trailer below as well as the full Q and A from the theatrical screening (click on the photos for bigger versions!):