Diamond Select to Debut Collectibles Line Based on The Green Hornet

It looks like Diamond Select‘s business relationship with Bruce Lee‘s family will bear further fruit. In recent years, the company has gone full speed ahead with action figures, dioramas, and busts featuring the martial arts pioneer. And this year, they followed with collectibles based on the likeness of his son Brandon in The Crow. In 2022, they will expand with products based on Lee’s U.S. breakthrough role as Kato in The Green Hornet. Products should include action figures, Gallery PVC Dioramas, 1/7 scale mini-busts and Legends in 3D half-scale busts. And this being Diamond, probably Minimates. Expect to see them offered for pre-order this fall and will ship to retailers starting in 2022.

First up, a bust of Lee as Kato:

Presumably the late star Van Williams will appear as well.

“I was a huge fan of The Green Hornet as a kid,” said Diamond Select Toys president Chuck Terceira, in a press release. “Plus, I became a fan of Bruce Lee’s other projects as I got older. So to be able to capture these two heroes in 3-D is a dream come true. With so little Green Hornet and Kato product out there, I think fan interest in what we make will be through the roof.”

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Based on radio serials, The Green Hornet followed the adventures of newspaper heir Britt Reid, originally canonically a direct descendant of the Lone Ranger. He and his masked sidekick Kato fought crime while pretending to be criminals, with the supposed sidekick proving the vastly superior fighter. The TV series didn’t last long, but it crossed over with the 1966 Batman series, and gained Lee a new fan base. A movie starring Seth Rogen came out in 2011, but its more comedic take didn’t generally catch on.

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