Exclusive: Jon Tenney is Green Lantern’s Dad

SuperHeroHype learned exclusively on Saturday that "The Closer" star Jon Tenney will play Hal Jordan’s dad, test pilot Martin H. Jordan, in director Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern.

Tenney told us: "’The Closer’s’ letting me shoot off in June a little bit, and I’m doing a little picture called ‘Green Lantern,’ and that will be fun!

"Ryan Reynolds is the Green Lantern, and when he is a young boy, like 11, I’m his father. I’m Hal Jordan’s dad. I’m very excited – it’s incredible company," he said when asked who he is playing.

So what does he think of the script? "Well, it’s under lockdown, that script. It’s very, very secretive. They’re only releasing sections of it, so they’re keeping everybody in the dark," he said. "What I’ve read is amazing. And ‘Green Lantern’ was one of my favorite comic book characters as a kid."

Green Lantern is currently shooting in New Orleans and will hit theaters on June 17, 2011.

Source: Scott Huver