Scott Stewart on the Priest Adaptation

Legion director Scott Stewart is reteaming with his star of that film, Paul Bettany, for the upcoming August 20th comic book adaptation, Priest. He talked to Heat Vision about what we can expect. Here’s an excerpt:

I didn’t feel like I had a lot to add to the vampire lore when I first read “Priest.” I really liked the script, but one thing I didn’t want to do was a sexy vampire movie. “True Blood” is doing that. And my vampires aren’t going to sparkle in the daylight. What I ended up making instead is a movie about war and the aftermath of war and the sacrifices we go through.

It takes place a generation after the war, a hundreds-year war between man and vampire, and the characters of the priests are like Jedi Knights that helped turn the tide. My focus is how now the vampire is vanquished, and society has moved on from you. You’re not the hero anymore, and people look at you like a freak. They won’t talk to you. And so we look at what happens after that if you’re called into service again. You end up questioning why you made those sacrifices to begin with.

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Source: Heat Vision