Classic Resident Evil Heroes Unite In New Death Island Trailer

In the Resident Evil video games, most of the classic heroes were never featured together all at one time. However, the upcoming animated film, Resident Evil: Death Island, is changing that by offering the first RE adventure that will unite Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Rebecca Chambers, Leon S. Kennedy, and Claire Redfield against a new threat.

In the new trailer below, Jill struggles with overcoming the burden of what she did as Albert Wesker’s pawn in Resident Evil 5. Regardless, she won’t have time to dwell on the past as a dangerous version of the T-Virus is discovered in the wild. And unlike many previous iterations, the victims of this virus can be transformed without being bitten. Rebecca soon learns that the virus can be traced back to Alcatraz Island. But their enigmatic enemy knows everything about the heroes who are trying to stop him.

Matthew Mercer and Kevin Dorman are reprising their roles as Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield, respectively. Erin Cahill is also back as Rebeca Chambers, while Stephanie Panisello is returning as Claire Redfield. Nicole Tompkins voiced Jill Valentine in the Resident Evil 3 remake, and again in this film.

Resident Evil: Death Island will premiere in Japan on July 7. It will presumably get an American release later in the summer.

What do you think of the movie’s new trailer? Give us your impressions in the comment section below!

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