Resident Evil: Death Island Trailer Sends Familiar Characters on New Missions

There’s another CG-animated Resident Evil movie on the way, and this one is sending two fan-favorite characters on all-new missions. Following the release of Resident Evil: Vendetta in 2017, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (via IGN) has debuted a 30-second teaser for Resident Evil: Death Island, which features appearances by Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield.

The story finds Leon setting out to rescue Dr. Antonio Taylor from kidnappers until a “mysterious woman” thwarts his plans. Meanwhile, Chris is tasked with investigating a zombie outbreak in San Francisco. His search for the cause of the infection brings him to Alcatraz Island (hence the film’s title), where he and his team encounter a host of undead terrors. The preview also hints at a role for another beloved RE heroine, Jill Valentine, who appears in the very last shot. 

You can watch the new trailer in the player below.

Death Island is the fourth full-length CG-animated Resident Evil movie to be released since 2008. There’s still no word on the voice cast for the English dub. But in the last two installments, Critical Role’s Matthew Mercer provided the voice of Leon after previously portraying the character in 2012’s Resident Evil 6. Additionally, Vendetta featured the voice of Kevin Dorman as Chris. It’s currently unclear if either actor is reprising his role in Death Island. Regardless, Eiichirō Hasumi is directing the movie from a screenplay by Makoto Fukami.

Resident Evil: Death Island will premiere this summer.

What do you think of the movie’s first trailer? Give us your impressions in the comment section below!

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