The Weskers Escape From Umbrella in Netflix’s New Resident Evil Clip

In a few days, the T-virus takes over Netflix, bringing with it a new side of Albert Wesker we’ve never seen before. For many fans, it’s going to be strange to see the main villain of the Resident Evil franchise re-imagined as a family man. But it looks like this version of the character is still as cunning and duplicitous as his video game counterpart. Ahead of the series’ debut this week, Netflix has released a new Resident Evil clip highlighting Lance Reddick’s unique approach to bringing Wesker to life.

The show actually takes place in both 2022, at the outset of the viral outbreak, and 2036, when the ensuing pandemic has decimated the human race. In the clip, we see Wesker and his daughters, Jade and Billie, in the earlier timeline inside Umbrella Corporation HQ. As the alarm sounds, Wesker urges his children out of the building. He also scrubs the computers of all their data, presumably deleting any trace of his role in the coming disaster.

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However, this isn’t even the most disturbing part of the clip. After making his way over to the corpse of a dead dog, Wesker then reaches down and begins slathering his own face with the dog’s blood. On one hand, this might be a clever way of avoiding the infected denizens of New Raccoon City. But there’s also a trance-like look on his face, indicating that he might be enjoying the process a little too much.

Resident Evil will premiere on Netflix this Thursday, July 14.

What do you think of the latest clip from the new series? Give us your impressions in the comment section below!

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