Evil Has Evolved in Netflix’s New Resident Evil Trailer

Between six Paul W.S. Anderson movies and last year’s Welcome to Raccoon City, the Resident Evil brand has never had much luck in live-action. Regardless, Netflix is about to put its own stamp on Capcom’s original video games with a new series that examines two different time periods in the franchise’s history. Now, as part of its ongoing Geeked Week festivities, Netflix has premiered the show’s first full-length trailer. You can check it out for yourself below..

The series takes place in both 2022, at the outset of the T-virus outbreak, and in 2036, when the disease has overwhelmed most of the the world’s population. Ella Balinska stars as Jade Wesker, a survivor whose father, Albert (Lance Reddick), is one of the Umbrella Corporation’s operatives who helped set this disaster in motion. The results are maddening, to say the least. Because the diseases doesn’t only infect humans by turning them into ravenous zombies. It also creates larger-than-life monsters, including a giant mutant caterpillar that bursts out of the ground in a scene worthy of a classic kaiju flick.

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Clearly, the series’ producers made a number changes to the source material, which probably won’t sit well with longtime fans of the games. But at least the show isn’t holding back on its depiction of gory violence. Viewers can expect plenty of creative zombie kills throughout all eight episodes of Resident Evil’s first season.

Resident Evil will premiere on Netflix on July 14.

What do you think of the first proper trailer for the series? Let us know in the comment section below!

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