Dominique Thorne Shares Ironheart Advice From Robert Downey Jr.

Dominique Thorne finally made her long-awaited debut as Riri Williams/Ironheart in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The genius inventor from MIT created a suit of armor that mirrors the metal suit worn by Iron Man. Because of the character’s natural comparison to Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr. reached out to Thorne and gave her advice while filming Black Panther 2. Thorne shared her conversation with RDJ via Screenrant.

“Right toward the conclusion of the film, I actually had the chance to speak with him through FaceTime,” said Thorne. “A cast mate over on Ironheart had actually done a show with him and connected us, and he had some beautiful words to say about how much he believes that Riri Williams is and should always be her own person, her own thing. That this legacy is headed in the right direction and all the beautiful encouraging things that you hope to hear from the Iron Man himself.”

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In the MCU, Iron Man does not have a direct connection to Ironheart besides their alma mater. However, Williams is the spiritual successor to Stark because of her intelligence and iron suit. In Wakanda Forever, Williams created a machine that detects vibranium, and this discovery incites the conflict between Namor and Wakanda.

After Wakanda Forever, Thorne will reprise her role in her Disney+ series, Ironheart. Created by Chinaka Hodge, the series will be part of Phase Five, consisting of six episodes. Co-starring alongside Thorne will be Anthony Ramos, Jim Rash, Alden Ehrenreich, Lyric Ross, Sonia Denis, Paul Calderón, and Cree Summer

Ironheart will arrive sometime in late 2023 on Disney+.

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