New Japanese Godzilla Film From Toho Set for Release Next Year

We still await further details on Godzilla‘s next Hollywood escapades against Kong on the big screen, or Monarch on the small. The big G’s original creators at Toho, however, aren’t wasting any time. In a surprise announcement last night, The studio revealed its next Godzilla movie will release Nov 3, 2023, beating 2024’s Godzilla vs. Kong sequel into theaters. This marks the first live-action Toho Godzilla feature since Shin Godzilla in 2016. The first teaser image reveals nothing but a stylized letter G. Though if one squints a little, it could look a bit like the silhouette of a large-tailed kaiju.

Per CNBC, the new Godzilla film will have Takashi Yamazaki, who worked on visual effects for Shin Godzilla, as director. Since that film served as a reboot, and ended on a bit of a mystery as to how the bodies of other creatures seemed embedded in the new mutated Godzilla’s tail, one possibility might be that this could continue that story. Shin Godzilla also featured some of the best special effects in the franchise, and gained acclaim for focusing on bureaucratic satire and making Godzilla a threat to humanity again.

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It would make sense to build on that goodwill, but we don’t know for sure. Conversely, rumors suggest this may be a World War II-era 1940s period piece, set earlier than any prior Toho film.

What would you like to see next from Toho’s Godzilla? Let us know in comments.

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