Millennium Media Shares First Look At Matilda Lutz As Red Sonja

It’s been just three years shy of four decades since Red Sonja was on the big screen, but the upcoming reboot film is currently in production. And while a trailer doesn’t appear to be coming soon, Millennium Media has released a first look photo of Matilda Lutz as Red Sonja, which you can see above. It doesn’t show enough to reveal how comic-book accurate her costume will be. But Lutz does have Sonja’s signature red hair.

Sonja is based on a heroine created by Robert E. Howard who was adapted by Marvel’s Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith as a foil for Conan the Barbarian in 1973. The rights to Conan and Red Sonja are currently held by two different companies, but they share the same setting in Earth’s distant past. In her original comic book incarnation, Sonja was a young woman who swore fealty to a goddess in exchange for the warrior skills she needed to avenge herself and kill her family’s murderers. She also wore a steel armor bikini which became her visual signature.

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Batwoman co-star Wallis Day will portray Sonja’s “wicked half-sister,” Annisia, while Oliver Trevena will play Tr’aal, a warrior who joins Sonja in her fight against the evil emperor. Additionally, Robert Sheehan will play Draygan. The other cast members include Michael Bisping, Martyn Ford, Eliza Matengu, Manal El-Feitury, and Katrina Durden.

Solomon Kane director M.J. Bassett is directing the reboot from a script by Joey Soloway and Tasha Huo. For now, Red Sonja doesn’t have a release date, but it is currently filming at Bulgarian Nu Boyana Studio. Deadline also notes that “additional shoots at the Greek Nu Boyana Studio” will take place later this month.

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Photo Credit: Millennium Media

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