Original Hellraiser Star Doug Bradley Praises Jamie Clayton’s Pinhead

It’s been 17 years since Doug Bradley last brought Pinhead to life in a Hellraiser film. But as the original actor to embody to lead Cenobite, he’s considered royalty among horror fans. So naturally, many viewers are eager to hear his thoughts on Jamie Clayton’s performance in Hulu’s upcoming Hellraiser installment. The first image of Clayton in costume was released almost a month ago, with the movie’s teaser trailer arriving online a few weeks later. Regardless, Bradley finally got around to sharing his opinion on Twitter last night.

Bradley made his final appearance as Pinhead when Hellraiser: Hellworld went straight to DVD in 2005. Subsequent entries featured Stephan Smith Collins and Paul T. Taylor in the role. However, Hulu’s film marks the first time that a woman has played the iconic character, making this a big turning point for the franchise. Clayton’s portrayal is currently earning positive reviews from critics, whose early Hellraiser reactions indicate that it’s the best installment since Clive Barker’s 1987 original. It isn’t clear if Bradley has seen the whole movie yet. But at the very least, he had nothing but praise for Pinhead’s new look. You can read what he had to say below.

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Director David Bruckner has previously said that the new Hellraiser isn’t a remake or a reboot of the series. In any case, Barker and Bradley’s influence will still be felt in a number of different ways. During a recent interview with VitalThrills, Clayton discussed the challenge of honoring Bradley’s performance while still trying to put her own stamp on the character.

“I’m hoping that it’s something really unique,” said Clayton. “I mean, Doug is incredible. But I didn’t want to be sort of compared or have people be like, oh, she nicked that from him. She’s doing that thing that he did, which is another reason why I think they wanted a woman to play the role, because it takes the burden off the audience of that comparison. So it’s a whole new thing. Doug is amazing. No one could ever, ever, ever, ever, [Laugh] do what he did. No. Love you, Doug.”

Hellraiser will premiere on Hulu on October 7.

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