Prey Becomes the Most-Watched Premiere in Hulu History

After years of releasing one disappointing sequel after another, the Predator franchise finally broke its three-decade streak of bad luck over the weekend and delivered a bona fide hit with Prey. The much-talked-about prequel has earned glowing reviews ever since it premiered exclusively on Hulu last Friday. Now, it officially has viewer numbers to match. Disney (via The Hollywood Reporter) announced that Prey scored the most-watched debut of any film or TV show in the history of Hulu.

Neither Hulu nor Disney is sharing the total number of hours viewed (as usual). But they also claimed that Prey had the biggest premiere on Star+ in Latin America and Disney+ under the Star banner in all other territories. Normally, a response this good would merit a theatrical release. But given the scathing reception to the franchise’s last entry, The Predator, in 2018, it’s not hard to see why Disney decided to take its chances with a streaming exclusive.

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Critics and fans aren’t the only ones currently heaping praise on the film. A few original Predator stars have had nothing but good things to say about Prey as well. Jesse Ventura (Blain) and Bill Duke (Mac) both tweeted out their own kind words to the filmmakers, specifically director Dan Trachtenberg and star Amber Midthunder. You can check out what they had to say below.

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