Isaac and Oswalt Tease the Future of Moon Knight and Eternals

The next three years will bring plenty of new faces into the MCU while also making time for old favorites. But there’s still some mystery concerning the heroes we just met in Phase 4. Marvel has yet to share when characters from projects like Moon Knight and Eternals might next grace the screen with their presence. But according to recent comments from Oscar Isaac and Patton Oswalt, the return of their respective heroes might not be too far in the future.

Earlier today, a TikTok video made the rounds showing Isaac and Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab on a boat in Egypt. When Diab’s daughter asked them if another season of the series is happening, Isaac replied, “Why else would we be in Cairo?” On one hand, it seems highly unusual for season 2 of Moon Knight to be shooting (or even location scouting) before Marvel has even announced a renewal. But Diab lent some extra credence to this idea when he posted the video on his own Twitter account. You can check it out for yourself below.

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Meanwhile, an Eternals sequel has been a less likely prospect ever since the original movie hit theaters last year. Jack Kirby’s immortal superheroes managed to rake in over $400 million worldwide, so it wasn’t exactly a box office bomb. But it is one of the MCU’s lowest-grossing efforts. And while not without its defenders, Eternals also received some of the most middling reviews in the history of the franchise. Regardless, the film’s two cliffhanger endings – one of which introduced Oswalt’s Pip the Troll alongside Harry Styles as Eros/Starfox – implied that we haven’t seen the last of its characters. In fact, Oswalt appeared to confirm as much during a recent appearance on NBC’s Today.

“They have announced there’s going to be an Eternals sequel,” said Oswalt. “Chloé Zhao is going to direct it. So hopefully there will be more adventures of Starfox and Pip.”

There actually hasn’t been any sign from Marvel that an Eternals follow-up is in the works, so it’s possible that Oswalt simply misread the studio’s Comic-Con announcements. Either that, or he and Isaac leaked other announcements that Marvel was saving for next month’s D23 presentation by mistake. Whatever the case, it’s only a matter of time before the studio confirms if these projects are really happening.

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