Report: Warner Bros. Wants Todd Phillips To Consult on New DC Movies

Shortly after Warner Bros. finalized its merger with Discovery, Inc. in April, Variety published a story that laid out David Zaslav’s plans for an “overhaul” of DC Entertainment. Among other options, the newly-minted CEO was reportedly thinking about hiring a Kevin Feige-esque “creative and strategic czar” to tie the studio’s films and TV shows together. Now, it sounds like Zaslav may have someone in mind. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Zaslav has his eye on Joker director Todd Phillips to act as an “advisor” on new DC films.

THR’s story claims that current MGM execs Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy are a lock to replace outgoing WB chairman Toby Emmerich to run both Warner Bros. and New Line once their MGM contracts expire next month. De Luca and Abdy will also “temporarily” oversee DC’s output until Zaslav can find a proper figurehead for the company. Sources say that Zaslav and Phillips already have a rapport, but Phillips wouldn’t hold an executive position at the studio.

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Phillips might be a hard sell for longtime DC fans, since he’s “not an expert” on mainstream DC continuity. But that’s hardly a surprise. Joker famously took place in its own self-contained universe and largely dialed back any references to Batman lore. Regardless, given the critical and financial success of the movie, which won two Oscars and netted Phillips his own nominations for Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay, it makes sense that Zaslav would want to preserve his relationship with the studio.

Of course, this also begs the question of whether the films overseen by Phillips would be closer in tone to Joker or stay true to their comic book counterparts. Phillips revealed during Joker press runs that he pitched the movie as the first in a trilogy of DC Black Label-style films that took liberties with their source material. But in the end, these plans fell by the wayside.

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