In Jordan Peele’s Nope Trailer, It Looks Like Aliens Are Threatening

Hate trailers that spoil everything? Never fear. Jordan Peele‘s all about maintaining the mystery in the first Nope trailer, which dropped online early ahead of its expected NFL debut later today. It sure looks like aliens. But we cannot say that for certain. Peele loves ’80s references — Hands Across America barely registered as a nostalgia item until Us made it a big plot point. And that image above looks like his twisted take on E.T. But again, we don’t know any more than you will after watching the trailer below. And that’s not much.

We can say that both of Peele’s feature films to date, Us and Get Out, combined horror and science fiction elements, along with racial/cultural identity fears. In Get Out, it was body swapping. In Us, the creation of unhinged duplicates by long-forgotten scientists. Here, it appears that the only black-owned horse-training ranch for Hollywood becomes ground zero for…something. From the sky.

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It may or may not be relevant that the ranch bears the name of Haywood Ranch, a property owned by Lyndon Johnson after his presidency. Seems unlikely that Peele would reference the president who signed the Civil Rights Act by accident.

Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun, and Michael Wincott star. The movie was shot on film, including Imax film for some sequences. So don’t expect this one to keep the action indoors as often as Us and Get Out did.

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