Nope Featurette Explains the Brother-Sister Dynamic at the Core

We may have officially already gotten the final trailer for Jordan Peele‘s Nope, but that doesn’t mean an end to new footage. In a brand-new Nope featurette, Peele delves into the emotional core of his upcoming movie, previously revealed to involve UFO-chasing. As with the director’s previous two features, the high concept offers a way to explore more personal themes: bicultural identity in Us, and racial objectification in Get Out. Here, it looks like the heart of the matter will involve sibling bonds.

Daniel Kaluuya, whom Peele calls his favorite actor, plays OJ, who runs a struggling family ranch single-handedly. Keke Palmer plays his sister Emerald, who has all the family charisma and none of the responsibility. When she comes back into his life, their pasts and personalities clash…until the aliens show up. And maybe a bit after, too.

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While Peele’s own sibling status isn’t common knowledge, he has previously had close female performing partners prior to his more famous male comedy teammate Keegan-Michael Key, including Rebecca Drysdale and Nicole Parker. A larger point about family businesses having to adapt to new external forces to survive may also figure in.

Nope opens July 22. What do you make of what we’ve learned so far? Let us know in comments.

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