Hugh Jackman Unveils the Origin of Reminiscence’s Titular Machine

In a matter of days, Hugh Jackman will return to the sci-fi genre as Reminiscence makes its debut. The trailer for the movie was released a few weeks ago, but plenty of details are still under wraps. In the upcoming sci-fi movie, Jackman is Nick Bannister, a private investigator of the mind, who uses a Reminiscence machine to navigate the mind of his clients. (Yes, it does sound a bit like Inception.) Now, the Australian actor has shared a few details about his next job.

“In the not-too-distant future, there’s a long, protracted war at the southern border of the United States,” he said while talking with EW. “One of the things he was doing in the war was using this Reminiscence machine as a form of interrogation to get accurate information from prisoners of war. Now you find Nick Bannister as fairly solitary, very walled-off emotionally from the world. He’s good at his job, but it’s certainly not a thriving business; there are newer, fancier versions of what he does. [But] he’s good at reading people, at getting inside their mind, of sort of journeying through their psyche to get to wherever they need to go. He’s hiding a lot of secrets.”

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The story comes from Westworld co-creator Lisa Joy and features the possibly unreliable narration of Jackman’s character. This choice introduces the theme of what’s real and what’s not, showcasing how memory can’t be trusted sometimes.

“Nick is the narrator of this movie, but is he the most reliable? And I think it’s the same with memory, you know, memories change, according to why are we telling them now, according to where we’re at now in life, and what that memory serves.”

Reminiscence will hit both theaters and HBO Max starting Aug. 20.

What do you expect from Reminiscence? Are you going to give this movie a shot? Let us know in the comments section below.

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