Report: Ray Fisher’s Cyborg is Out of The Flash and Won’t Be Recast

Last year, Justice League co-star Ray Fisher accused director Joss Whedon of professional misconduct during the film’s reshoot. Fisher also charged producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg with covering for Whedon and enabling him. More recently Fisher stated that he would not work with DC Films President Walter Hamada. Fisher contended that Hamada was the “most dangerous kind of enabler.” Now, it looks like Fisher is out as Cyborg.

The Wrap is reporting that Fisher’s Cyborg/Victor Stone has been written out of The Flash. Cyborg was supposedly meant to have a larger co-starring role. However, reports emerged in 2020 that Cyborg’s part had been reduced to a cameo. Additionally, The Wrap’s sources state that Cyborg will not be recast. That would effectively kill any remote plans for a Cyborg solo film in the future.

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This report comes a day after Warner Bros. extended Hamada’s contract with DC Films. Fisher responded to that story on Twitter yesterday, and promised to share more info soon.

Last month, Warner Bros. announced that its investigation into Fisher’s allegations was finished. Regardless, it’s unclear what “remedial action” was taken by the company.

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