Rey Meets Legends in The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special Trailer

The Holiday season is coming, and Disney+ has finally revealed the official trailer for the upcoming The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special. This year, fans will get the chance to spend their favorite holidays with Lego Rey, BB-8, and the rest of the Star Wars cast. In the video, the young Jedi discovers a key to travel through space and time right before Life Day. (Per the notorious 1978 TV special never rereleased by Lucasfilm, Life Day is the in-universe equivalent to Christmas for Wookiees.)

In a short amount of time, Rey meets Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and Darth Vader, among many extraordinary encounters. There’s even a cameo by a certain popular baby. But it seems that the Emperor wants to get his hands on that key to change the galaxy’s destiny. Will Rey manage to save the universe and get back in time to her friends who are waiting for her to celebrate Life Day properly?

You can watch the official trailer in the player below.

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The official synopsis of The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, reads:

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special reunites Rey, Finn, Poe, Chewie, Rose and the droids for a joyous feast on Life Day. Rey sets off on a new adventure with BB-8 to gain a deeper knowledge of the Force. At a mysterious Jedi Temple, she is hurled into a cross-timeline adventure through beloved moments in Star Wars cinematic history, coming into contact with Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda, Obi-Wan and other iconic heroes and villains from all nine Skywalker saga films. But will she make it back in time for the Life Day feast and learn the true meaning of holiday spirit?”

The upcoming The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special will debut on Disney+ on Nov. 17.

What do you think about the official The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special trailer? Are you going to watch the movie? Let us know in the comments section below.

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