Ray Fisher Shares New Details About Justice League Misconduct Allegations

Ray Fisher Shares New Details About Justice League Misconduct

For the past few months, Ray Fisher has been increasingly vocal about Justice League claims of unprofessional behavior during the film’s reshoots. It’s been several weeks since Fisher last chimed in about his ongoing dispute with Warner Bros. But now, he’s back with even more damning allegations.

Earlier today, Forbes published a lengthy interview with Fisher that goes into much greater detail about how he and his fellow actors were treated during Justice League reshoots. Fisher levels several new claims against Joss Whedon, Geoff Johns, and others. But perhaps the most explosive accusation involves Whedon allegedly changing an actor of color’s skin tone during post-production. Fisher didn’t learn about this until over the summer. Regardless, he describes it as the “tipping point” that convinced him to publicly speak out against Whedon and his collaborators.

Fisher also theorizes that whitewashing played a role in several other decisions that were made after Zack Snyder left the movie. For example, the role of Victor Stone’s father, Silas (Joe Morton), was “mostly cut and reshot” once Whedon took over.  Zheng Kai (Ryan Choi/Atom), Karen Bryson (Ellinore Stone) and Kiersey Clemons (Iris West) were removed from the film completely.

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“I always suspected that race was a determining factor for the way that things went down, but it wasn’t until this past summer that I was able to prove it,” said Fisher.

Fisher also claims that several top-level WB staffers had “blatantly racist conversations” before Justice League reshoots began. These conversations reportedly included Geoff Johns, producer Jon Berg, and current WB chairman Toby Emmerich. Moreover, Johns would pass along notes to Fisher that the actor now describes as “a coded version of the racist things he was saying with behind closed doors with the other execs.”

Additionally, Fisher reiterated his claims against Johns, alleging that the former DC Entertainment president threatened his career after he tried to file a formal complaint about Whedon’s behavior. Fisher also contended that Whedon’s misconduct was about more than just race.

“Race was just one of the issues with the reshoot process,” added Fisher. “There were massive blowups, threats, coercion, taunting, unsafe work conditions, belittling, and gaslighting like you wouldn’t believe.”

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“Geoff Johns made a veiled threat to my career during the LA reshoots of Justice League,” continued Fisher. “Multiple sources have informed me that Joss threatened the career of another person associated with the production. Toby was made aware and tried to cover for Whedon rather than deal with the abuse. That situation had to be escalated to [former WB chairman Kevin] Tsujihara to get any results.”

WarnerMedia ordered a formal third-party investigation into what happened on the Justice League set earlier this year. Unfortunately, this was stymied when Fisher began questioning the investigator’s independence. According to Fisher, a new investigator has been brought onboard, and he’s “optimistic” about the results.

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