LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special Mixes Characters from Different Timelines

Some exciting mashups are about to go down during the upcoming The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special. According to Entertainment Weekly, Disney+’s show will feature multiple characters from different timelines meeting each other. The peculiar story will allow the protagonist, Rey, to travel through time and space and fight Darth Vader, meet three different era Obi-Wan Kenobis and two Han Solos, among the others.

“The Holiday Special has something you will never see in Star Wars otherwise which is all the characters from across all timelines crashing together,” executive producer James Waugh said in an interview with the outlet. “Normally story groups are so concerned about maintaining this amazing galaxy so that it feels cohesive, it was liberating to do this in a way that’s charming and fun.”

The producer got the idea after watching kids played with Star Wars LEGO toys without caring about the canonical division between the classic, prequel, and sequel trilogies. In the meantime, EW has also debuted a new photo of Rey clashing with Darth Vader; check it out here below.

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In the same interview, the producer specified that it won’t be a LEGO remake of the 1978 show.

“This is not like a Lego Star Wars remake of the Holiday Special in any way … but what it does is lean into the conceits that were created in that holiday special,” Waugh says. “We have Life Day as a fictional thread because of the Holiday Special. You’ve seen that [referenced] in The Mandalorian, we’ve used it in publishing and fans have embraced it – last year fans celebrated Life Day at Galaxy’s Edge in the park.”

He also confirmed that there will be no LEGO Bea Arthur singing in a cantina. (Bad luck for those who were hoping to see that happening.) The upcoming The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special will debut on Disney+ on Nov. 17.

Which is the most exciting mashup you want to see in The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special? Let us know in the comments section below.

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