Rob Letterman to Direct Beyond Good & Evil For Netflix

After netting a surprise hit with Detective Pikachu last year, director Rob Letterman has set his sights on another video game adaptation. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Letterman has signed on to helm a movie based on Ubisoft’s Beyond Good & Evil. The film will utilize both live-action and animation and eventually premiere on Netflix.

Ubisoft originally released Beyond Good & Evil for PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, and PC in 2003. The game took place in the year 2435 on the mining planet of Hiillys and centered on Jade, a photojournalist-turned-resistance fighter against a race of aliens known as the DomZ. Although the game earned positive reviews upon its debut, it was a commercial disappointment. Regardless, it soon developed a cult following. Michael Ancel, best known for creating the Rayman franchise, served as Beyond Good & Evil’s director. A prequel game was announced at E3 in 2017, but a release date has yet to be determined.

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In addition to his work on Detective Pikachu, Letterman has also directed Goosebumps, Gulliver’s Travels, and Monsters vs. Aliens. He made his directorial debut as a co-director on Shark Tale in 2004.

Netflix is currently on the lookout for writers to pen Beyond Good & Evil’s screenplay. Jason Altman and Margaret Boykin will produce the movie for Ubisoft Film & Television. This latest announcement follows yesterday’s news that Ubisoft is also working with John Wick scribe Derek Kolstad on an anime series based on their Splinter Cell video games.

Are you excited to see what Rob Letterman brings to Beyond Good & Evil? Who would you cast to play Jade in the film? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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