Netflix’s Latest Resident Evil Clip Features a Mutant Dog on the Loose

One of the Resident Evil franchise’s longest-running traditions will be making its way into the upcoming Netflix series. Although the original video games include a whole menagerie of animals that succumbed to the T-virus outbreak, infected Dobermans have been a major staple of the series since the first installment bowed in 1996. No one knows why that is, but clearly, the TV show’s producers didn’t have time to ask questions. Because the latest clip features a mutant pooch causing all sorts of mayhem at the Umbrella Corporation.

The new video appears to take place shortly before the preview that made the rounds earlier this week, which showed Jade and Billie Wesker escaping Umbrella HQ with help from their father, Albert. However, no one is helping the siblings just yet. The scene opens with Jade and Billie exploring what’s left of a seemingly-evacuated laboratory. But once they activate a holo-projection by mistake, it draws the attention of the lab’s only other occupant: a ravenous dog with a craving for human flesh.

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Soon enough, the dog gives chase, crashing through windows in order to stalk its prey. Unfortunately, the lab’s lockdown protocol keeps Jade and Billie trapped inside the building with all their calls to their father going straight to voicemail. But even if Albert could be reached, it’s hard to imagine him making things better. The clip ends with the dog running straight at Billie, cutting to black before we can see the damage it causes.

Resident Evil will premiere on Netflix tomorrow, July 14.

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