Todd McFarlane: Like Hell I Won’t Premieres This Saturday on SYFY

Even as Todd McFarlane’s long-awaited Spawn reboot hits one speedbump after another, the legendary storyteller still has plenty of other accomplishments worth celebrating. It’s been almost a year since SYFY announced that it would air a documentary about McFarlane’s life and career. But now, the film has a new title and a new release date. SYFY has revealed that Todd McFarlane: Like Hell I Won’t will air this weekend.

The network also hyped the doc’s impending arrival with a brand new trailer. It looks like much of the film is going to focus on McFarlane recently making history by presiding over more than 300 issues of Spawn. However, the longest running creator-owned comic book series wouldn’t have happened if McFarlane hadn’t experienced some routine misfortune along the way. As he recalls in the trailer, McFarlane received “300 rejection letters” as he attempted to break into the comic industry. And when he finally got his foot in the door, he wasn’t so quickly embraced by his more seasoned peers. Fortunately, this only seemed to calcify his rebellious spirit: “I said ‘Break the rules, and make it look cool.’”

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McFarlane also faced several prominent lawsuits in the early 2000s. A royalties dispute with Neil Gaiman and another battle with hockey star Tony Twist over the naming of a Spawn character nearly left McFarlane in financial ruin. Regardless, the trailer emphasizes McFarlane’s penchant for fighting back. Look no further than the glamour shots of him boxing a heavy bag to drive that point home.

Todd McFarlane: Like Hell I Won’t premieres this Saturday, July 25, at 11pm on SYFY. You can watch the new trailer for the documentary below, then share your thoughts in the comment section!

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