Doctor Strange 2 May Still Be On Track To Film In June

Almost every movie and TV production has shut down because of the ongoing spread of the novel coronavirus. Although some countries are claiming to have the virus contained, other nations are sticking to social distancing until it’s safe for life to get back to normal. But it sounds like Disney and Marvel, are hoping that happens by the start of summer.

A new report from Variety offers updates on a few major Hollywood productions, including Marvel’s next big-screen releases. The studio recently suspended filming on Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and postponed Black Widow’s theatrical debut. However, it hasn’t been clear how the pandemic is affecting Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which Variety describes as “the biggest film in pre-production that has yet to move its start date.” As it turns out, the producers are hoping it won’t have to move its start date at all. Variety’s sources revealed that the sequel is still on track to begin principal photography in June. In the meantime, the creative powers-that-be are proceeding with pre-production “remotely.”

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June is less than three months away, but it seems like Marvel has quite a bit to accomplish before then. It’s still unknown if Sam Raimi has officially signed on to replace Scott Derrickson as the sequel’s director. There’s also the matter of the script, which Loki showrunner Michael Waldron was recently hired to rewrite.

The report also mentions other upcoming tentpoles, including Warner Bros.’ The Batman and The Matrix 4. Apparently, there’s an “outside chance” that those films won’t have to delay their 2021 release dates, since they’ve both completed a substantial amount of filming. But unfortunately, it’s “more likely” that they will be pushed back.

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