Wonder Woman 1984 Invades a Big Game Tide Commercial

We thought we weren’t going to be seeing any live-action DC superheroes during the big game. Warner Bros., all the gossip said, weren’t going to buy any time. Turns out they didn’t have to — they got Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman 1984 into a Tide commercial instead.

Tide had a running gag going from an earlier spot, in which Charlie Day overthinks the concept of doing his laundry later.

Subsequent spots saw Day enter a Bud Light ad featuring the knight from last year’s Game of Thrones crossover…

…and finally into a clip from Wonder Woman 1984. Those of us at the Warner Bros. panel from Comic-Con 2018 got to see a longer version of this clip, in which Diana busts thieves and saves a small child in a shopping mall. She’s in no mood for dealing with dirty clothes, or the funnyman wielding them.

We’re totally in the mood to see more Wonder Woman now, though.

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Wonder Woman 1984 brings the Amazon hero back, and into the world of the Reagan era. Kristen Wiig plays classic villainess Cheetah, while The Mandalorian’s Pedro Pascal is looking more and more like the real big bad, playing Maxwell Lord. Meanwhile, Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor is back somehow, not having aged since his apparent death in World War I. Patty Jenkins returns behind the camera as director. How this fits into existing DCEU continuity, in which Wonder Woman vanished for decades, or even if it does, remains unknown.

Were you psyched to see Wonder Woman invade a Tide commercial? Let us know in comments!