Birds of Prey’s Jurnee Smollett-Bell Reveals Her Canary Cry Inspiration

Black Canary has appeared in various TV shows and animated films over the years, and each one seems to have its own version of her famous “Canary Cry.” DC’s upcoming Birds of Prey sounds like it’s going to be no exception. Jurnee Smollett-Bell recently provided a hint as to what she and the filmmakers based her Canary Cry on. Via Heroic Hollywood, Smollett-Bell revealed that she drew influence from a popular DC video game in order to perfect her interpretation of Dinah Lance’s greatest weapon.

“I drew a lot of inspiration for the Canary Cry from the Black Canary in Injustice 2,” said Smollett-Bell. “Even physically. For me, I really wanted to make it primal… It’s not something she uses, it’s something she’s trying to hide. So to get to that point, she has to rev herself up. It’s such a guttural point and a guttural place. […] But it was fun, man. They put a bunch of people on some strings and ratcheted them back, and it was awesome! I felt pretty powerful.”

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Smollett-Bell’s vocal work was most likely digitally enhanced during Birds of Prey’s post-production phase. Regardless, it sound like she’s doing more to show the physical affects of the Canary Cry. Previously, Black Canary was played by Alaina Huffman in Smallville, as well as Katie Cassidy and Juliana Harkavy in Arrow. In those shows, the actresses simply struck a pose while the sound team added the effects later on.

Birds of Prey will hit theaters on February 7.

Are you excited to hear Dinah Lance’s Canary Cry in Birds of Prey next month? Let us know in the comment section below!

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