Bill Sienkiewicz Defends The New Mutants’ PG-13 Rating

After years of delays, Disney will finally release 20th Century Fox’s The New Mutants in April. Ever since the first trailer dropped in late 2017, the movie has been described as a horror-inspired take on the X-Men spinoff. But news of its PG-13 rating has some fans wondering how scary it could possibly be. Fortunately, legendary artist Bill Sienkiewicz insists they have nothing to worry about. Sienkiewicz recently took to Twitter to share why he doesn’t think The New Mutants needs an R-rating.

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Sienkiewicz wasn’t involved in the creation of the mutant characters that appear in the new film. However, his unique art style defined Marvel’s New Mutants title in ‘80s. He also drew “The Demon Bear Saga” storyline that inspired the movie.

R-rated comic book movies have certainly gained traction in recent years. Regardless, director Josh Boone has confirmed that his original cut is the one that moviegoers will get to see.

The New Mutants will open in theaters on April 3.

Do Bill Sienkiewicz’s comments make you feel better about the film’s rating? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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