Tom Holland is Confident That Spider-Man is in ‘Safe Hands’ With Sony

Sony and Marvel’s recent divorce over Spider-Man’s movie rights continues to weigh heavily on MCU devotees. It obviously means that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will cease to interact with other Marvel fixtures. But even more dispiriting is the fact that the character is back under the creative control of a studio whose track record with webslinging superheroes is hit-or-miss at best. On one hand, Sony achieved great success with the original Spider-Man trilogy and won an Oscar earlier this year for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. However, several fans have pointed out that they also managed to botch two distinct spider-franchises in less than 10 years and delivered the critically-reviled Venom last fall.

Regardless, one person who isn’t worried about Spider-Man’s future is Holland himself. During an interview with GQ, he once again shared an optimistic outlook on the situation at hand. And unlike the majority of social media users, he had nothing but good things to say about Sony.

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“I’m not shy about expressing how incredible the last five years have been with Marvel,” said Holland. “I’ve truly had the time of my life, and in so many respects, they have made my dreams come true as an actor. Sony has also been really good to me, and the global success of Spider-Man: Far From Home is a real testament to their support, skill, and commitment. The legacy and future of Spidey rests in Sony’s safe hands. I really am nothing but grateful, and I’ve made friends for life along the way.”

Far From Home screenwriters Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers are returning for a third installment as well. Unfortunately, it remains unclear if director Jon Watts will be back as well. Reports indicate that Watts is currently the subject of a bidding war between Sony and Marvel Studios. Sony clearly wants him back in the Spider-Man director’s chair, but Marvel is apparently courting him for a different project. Surprisingly, Watts has yet to issue his own statement on the studios’ impasse.

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