Spider-Man: Far From Home

Report: Sony May Have Pulled Spider-Man Out of the MCU

Considering that Sony’s deal with Marvel revitalized Spider-Man, it made sense to renew the pact. But only days after Spider-Man: Far From Home became Sony’s biggest hit ever, Deadline is reporting that Sony and Disney failed to come to terms for a renewal.

According to the report, Disney’s desire to co-finance future Spider-Man films and get 50% of the profits was the biggest stumbling block. Sony wasn’t willing to give up that share. Consequently, Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige will have nothing to do with the next two Spider-Man movies. Tom Holland and director Jon Watts reportedly have two more films lined up with Sony. However, it’s unclear if Sony will go forward with a Far From Home sequel.

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Presumably, this would allow Sony to bring Spider-Man into its own Marvel Universe films including Venom and Morbius the Living Vampire. Intriguingly, the report notes that Marvel wanted to expand its relationship with Sony to include the extended supporting characters like Venom. However, the latest developments make that outcome even more unlikely.

Sony has walked away from negotiations before, only to return to the bargaining table with Marvel. Because Venom was successful on its own, Sony may be more emboldened this time.

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