Mortal Kombat Reboot Movie Casts Its Sonya Blade and Kano

The latest film adaptation of Mortal Kombat has added three new cast members. Via The Hollywood Reporter, Jessica McNamee, who previously appeared in WB’s monster movie The Meg, will portray Sonya Blade. Meanwhile, Josh Lawson, an Australian actor who appeared on the NBC series Superstore, will portray Kano.

Additionally, Wu Assassins and Deadpool 2 star Lewis Tan is in final negotiations for an unspecified role. He looks like he’d be perfect as Kung Lao, though nothing is official just yet.

Director Simon McQuoid lined up Supergirl‘s Mehcad Brooks to play Jackson ‘Jax’ Briggs earlier this month. Sisi Stringer was also cast as Mileena and Tadanobu Asano signed up as Raiden, the immortal god of thunder. Joe Taslim will portray Sub-Zero, while Power Rangers star Ludi Lin is in talks to play Liu Kang.

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Screenwriter Greg Russo has already noted that the latest Mortal Kombat will take the R-rating route, with bloodshed and Fatalities galore. He also promised that it would be “faithful to the lore and the games that everybody knows and loves.”

Mortal Kombat 11 has been hugely popular since its debut earlier this year.  The new DLC characters also look very promising. The Joker, the T-800 model Terminator, and Todd McFarlane’s Spawn will be guest fighters. Too bad they can’t show up in the movie as well.

The Mortal Kombat film will hit theaters on March 5, 2021.

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