Hellboy Will Make His Wrestling Debut In Japan

Just months after Hellboy took on Esteban Ruiz in Lionsgate’s R-rated reboot, he’s about to hit the wrestling ring. Seriously.

All Japan Pro Wrestling has announced its upcoming 2019 Summer Explosion: Final Battle event. Mike Mignola’s signature hero will team up with Jake Lee and Koji Iwamota to take on Takao Omoro, Black Menso-Re and Hokuto Omori in a six-man tag team match. It’s happening on September 3 at Tokyo’s Korakuen Hall. The promotional flyer is below, with Hellboy clearly visible.

This is part of a promotion with Lionsgate to push the film in Japan, because it’s not coming out there until September 27. However, All Japan didn’t reveal who will portray Hellboy in the ring. But we can probably rule out David Harbour, who played Hellboy in the film.

In its notes, All Japan indicates that Hellboy is 6’9” and weighs roughly 500 pounds. On top of that, Hellboy has full permission to utilize his Red Right Hand of Doom in the match. If that’s the case, it should be an easy win for him.

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This may seem strange, but Pro Wrestling has brought in movie characters before. Way back in 1990, World Championship Wrestling (WCW) held Capital Combat, which was also used to promote Robocop 2. During the event, the wrestler known as Sting was attacked and imprisoned by the Four Horsemen. Someone dressed as Robocop literally came out and saved Sting.

However, it makes more sense for Hellboy to step into the ring. Unlike Robocop, Hellboy actually has wrestling experience in Mignola’s comic books and in the film. We’re very curious to see who will don Hellboy’s costume in the ring, and if they can actually perform in that persona.

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