Giant Robot Hellboy
Giant Robot Hellboy

Giant Robot Hellboy: Mike Mignola’s Creation Gets His Own Mecha in New Dark Horse Series

Mike Mignola’s devilish creation is getting his own mecha in a new Dark Horse Comics limited series, Giant Robot Hellboy.

Announced exclusively by The Hollywood Reporter, Giant Robot Hellboy is a new three-issue limited series launching in October 2023. Written by Mignola, the series is illustrated by Duncan Fegredo, colored by Dave Stewart, and lettered by Clem Robins.

“Giant Robot Hellboy is my very obvious nod to all those Japanese giant monster movies…which I actually have no particular love for,” Mignola said. “What I do love is listening to Geof Darrow and Art Adams talk about those movies, so really, I guess this series was inspired by those guys.”

What Will Giant Robot Hellboy Be About?

While major plot details surrounding Giant Robot Hellboy are largely being kept under wraps at this time, Dark Horse did reveal the series will see Hellboy kidnapped by a mysterious foe and hooked up to massive mecha that resembles his own appearance. Hellboy and his new incredibly powerful armor will then be sent to a mysterious and potentially sentient island for a mission that could forever alter the titular character’s life.

“Hellboy awakes to an out-of-body experience and simultaneously has to deal with the usual fallout from mad scientists doing their thing whilst learning to walk again. Come to think of it, that pretty much describes my return to collaborating with Mike,” Fegredo joked.

Mignola added, “I had the idea for this one a long time ago but figured it was too silly to actually do. Then the pandemic came along and I started to do all those sketches I would post online. I had never given a serious thought to what a giant robot Hellboy would look like but I knocked out a few sketches and I liked them. the thing started to seem like something that could actually be done. The thing started to seem like something that could actually be done.”

Giant Robot Hellboy #1 features cover art by Fegredo and variant cover art by Mignola and Stewart. The issue releases in October 2023 from Dark Horse Comics.