Abe Sapien Would Have Been “Thug-Like” in Hellboy Sequel

Warning: This contains spoilers for the ending of Hellboy (2019).

Fans saw very little of Abe Sapien in 2019’s Hellboy. And they won’t get the chance to see the character in a movie in the near future. Yet, there were some important plans involving the amphibious man for the sequel. Speaking with Comic Book MovieHellboy makeup artist Joel Harlow revealed some of the now-shelved plans for Abe Sapien.

“The unfortunate thing is that the movie did not do very well and if it had, we would have explored Abe Sapien again,” he said. “There were actually a lot of creatures coming in potential sequels. For this one, we get a glimpse at him at the very end with that teaser with his hand but if we had done the entire character, first of all, it would be vastly different from the other films, more thug-like, and we wouldn’t have even have gone with that hand you see at the end of the film. We would have designed something from scratch. That’s one of the ones that, because I have an affection for fish people and fish characters, would have been really fun to work on but alas, no.”

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In 2019’s Hellboy Sapien appears only in the final scene of the film. However, the character played an important role in Guillermo del Toro’s Hellboy movies. There, he came to life courtesy of Doug Jones, who did a wonderful job in bringing the comics character to live-action. Maybe it’s a blessing that we won’t see a new take.

Hellboy is now available on home media platforms. Would you have liked to see a more thug-like Abe Sapien? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.