Alita: Battle Angel

Weekend Watch – Behind the Scenes of Alita: Battle Angel

(Warning: This article contains light spoilers for Alita: Battle Angel. You have been forwarned!)

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In this week’s jam-packed edition of Weekend Watch, we’re taking a deep-dive into everything related to the making of Alita: Battle Angel. Starting things off, we have a nice group of featurettes, followed by a healthy dose of on-set EPK interviews from the film. Plus, we have an edition of Movie vs. Manga with the film’s director, along with a great Q&A from the filmmakers and finally some b-roll from Alita: Battle Angel itself. You can also read our review of the film here. Without further delay, let’s jump into Weekend Watch!

Alita: Battle Angel Featurettes

Up first, we have a series of featurettes from 20th Century Fox that offer a nice baseline moving forward. The first digs into the question of who Alita is, both literally and metaphorically. The second video features the filmmakers and cast explaining why Alita: Battle Angel is a must-see cinematic experience.

Next, we have a featurette that takes a look at Yukito Kishiro’s influence on the filmmakers in the making of the film. Not only do we get more insight on Alita’s depiction in the movie, but we also get to hear from the humble creator himself on the film adaptation.

This is a great a video on how James Cameron Robert Rodriguez came together to make this film. Along with this, we also learn how Cameron was able to seamlessly transition directing duties to Rodriguez.

Now it’s time for a quick look at Rosa Salazar’s training regiment. For roughly six months, Salazar trained tirelessly, not only to increase her endurance for shooting, but also to help get into character.

The next clip focuses on Alita: Battle Angel‘s music, which was composed by Tom Holkenborg (a.k.a. Junkie XL). In the video, Holkenborg discusses how he found the heart and soul of the film through the music.

Finally, here’s a look at the making of the film. While it largely focuses on WETA’s amazing VFX work, but we also get some insight about Salazar’s performance as the film’s lead.

Alita: Battle Angel EPK Interviews

First, we have a series of EPK interviews from Movie Roar from the three key creative heads. We also hear from Cameron, Rodriguez, and producer Jon Landau as they discuss the various aspects of bringing Alita: Battle Angel to the big screen.

Up next, we have a batch of interviews with the cast of the film that also come from Movie Roar. Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Mahershala Ali, Jackie Earle Haley, Ed Skerin, Jennifer Connely, Eiza González, and Keean Johnson share some perspective about their characters.

Rounding out the clips from Movie Roar, we have a few interviews with the VFX crew from WETA. VFX supervisors Richard Hollander, Joe Letteri, and Eric Saindon explain the process that brought Alita to life.

Movie vs. Manga With Robert Rodriguez

In this fun video from IGN, Robert Rodriguez discusses the process of adapting the Battle Angel: Alita manga to the silver screen. According to Rodriguez, he tried to capture the spirit of the source material, while also making the best movie possible. We also get insight about Ido’s rocket hammer, Nyssiana’s design, as well as changes that were made in the adaptation.

Alita: Battle Angel Q&A

Although it’s nearly seven months old, this Q&A from 20th Century Fox provides some fascinating insight into the methodology of Alita: Battle Angel. Naturally, we learn more details about the development.

Alita: Battle Angel B-Roll


This great B-roll from Flicks and the City gets into potential spoiler territory. It gives us a fly on the wall look at the making of Alita: Battle Angel. The video offers some great looks at the massive sets that were created at Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios. It’s interesting to note the practically effects in play. There were full-scale city street sets, which convincingly brought Iron City to life. Additionally, there are small snippets of Rodriguez working with the actors, Cameron’s visit to set, as well as some great interactions between the various cast members.

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