Avatar Producer Discusses Actual Odds of Cameron Passing the Torch

Avatar: The Way of Water signifies the start of a new era. From 2022 to 2028, four Avatar movies are scheduled to be released in theaters, with James Cameron set to direct every entry. However, Cameron admitted he might pass the baton to other directors for future films, similar to how he handed off Alita: Battle Angel to Robert Rodriguez. Jon Landau, Cameron’s producing partner on The Way of Water, shared (via Collider) if he believes Cameron would ever hand Avatar to another director.

“I do think it’s a possibility because I think you would’ve said the same thing when Jim wrote his draft of Alita: Battle Angel, that Jim’s never going to give this up for someone else to do. And we found a director who wanted to continue with what our vision was of the movie and allowed us to create a partnership with Robert [Rodriguez] where I was on the set every day with him,” said Landau. “We edited the movie in Los Angeles, we were very much a part of the visual effects. So I think there are directors who can do that, and that was a great experience. And I think Jim is saying it now because of that experience with Robert. I think that proved to him that, when he’s ready, there will be someone. Do I ever think he’s gonna be ready? I’m not sure about that one.”

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Like Alita: Battle Angel, Cameron would most likely stay on the Avatar franchise as a producer. There are few, if any, directors that possess Cameron’s technical prowess, and according to Landau, the franchise will continue to “raise the bar” in subsequent films thanks to new technology.

“I think we’re gonna continue to raise the bar with the storytelling first. I think that what we’re gonna do is go out and meet new clans. We’re gonna go out and see different biomes, and that’s gonna present its own technological challenges. How do we present those? Just like water presented challenges in this one,” said Landau. “And, what we’re gonna also continue to do is not look at just how we use the tools of technology, but how do we get the exhibition community on board with creating a ubiquitous improvement across all theaters? Because that’s what we have to do as we compete with more and more home streaming and bigger screens. It’s not just about the content we create, it’s a partnership with exhibition.”

Avatar: The Way of Water opens in theaters on December 16.

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