McFarlane Toys Upscales Adam West Batman to Match the Rest

One of the biggest frustrations felt by Batman fans over McFarlane Toys‘ action figures has been the fact that the 1966 TV show-inspired line comes in a 6-inch scale, while every other McFarlane Batman and DC superhero figure is 7-inch scale. It’s never been entirely clear why — perhaps so that they’d be compatible with Mattel’s previous line or maybe to get an action figure under $20. The company also seemed reluctant to do 7-inch scale Batmobiles until recently, so that may have played a part. It wouldn’t be too surprising to see the classic George Barris design get upscaled as well, now that the Keaton-mobile and the Tumbler have been successes.

New Bat-Size, Same Bat-Likeness

Now that they seem to have exhausted most of the available figure options in that scale, however, McFarlane Toys will finally make a 7-inch scale Adam West Batman. This figure boasts more articulation, a better likeness, and what looks like a cloth cape that’s more than just the wide piece of ribbon the smaller version sports. Plus, those bonus Batusi hands, augmented by joints that can finally get them into that signature pose.

Robin pretty much has to follow at some point since the Dynamic Duo were always inseparable as sixties pop culture icons. Will every 6-inch figure get remade in this scale? Perhaps. Do you have to buy them all on a whole new scale? Only if you want to.

The Adam West Batman figure goes up for preorder at major retailers starting July 25th. Along with the figure will come a giveaway contest, in which fans could win a replica cowl and many other prizes. Of course, if entering the contest requires opening the figure, it’s also a clever way to encourage some collectors to buy two.