Get Your Own She-Ra Sword of Protection for $500

For the honor of Grayskull! Now fans can feel like a true Princess of Power, with Factory Entertainment‘s 1:1 prop replica of the bejeweled sword wielded by He-Man’s sister. Thirty-nine inches long and made primarily of stainless steel, this Eternian blade isn’t sharpened and certainly not meant to be used as an actual weapon. But for fans of She-Ra, it might inspire thoughts of overcoming the dark hordes in your own mind — and protecting loved ones.

“I am She-Ra!”

She-Ra’s sword has taken many different forms over the years. The one that came with the original toy looks nothing like the Filmation design, and the Netflix show gave everything a visual overhaul, separating it from Masters of the Universe continuity. The design that most endures, however, is the Filmation version, as it mirrors He-Man’s sword but with a jewel added. The secret of the sword of power was that it had this clone, to be given to Adora when she became old enough.

The jewel may be simulated here, but the white leather wrapped around the handle is real. A wall-hanging plaque in the shape of a miniature He-Man shield is included, if you’re not too nit-picky about the fact that She-Ra’s shield looks very different. (Also: in the cartoon, it was was a transformed form of her sword!) It’s limited to a run of only 250, but at a $500 price tag, it shouldn’t run out too quickly. That price runs out after November 30th, though, when it’ll increase to $600. If you’re even considering making room in your finances, act soon.

A full-color collector box and certificate of authenticity come included. Sword forgery doesn’t seem like a huge market, but like Adora, it’s best to be ready for anything. She has the power — now, so can you. (Figuratively, anyway.)