Mondo Toys She-Ra Figure Has the Power and Honor

After two years of teases, the Honor of Grayskull has finally arrived. Mondo Toys presents its first female Masters of the Universe figure with She-Ra. He-Man’s twin sister comes with all the accessories fans might expect, plus a Kowl sidekick figure. With multiple tiaras, she can wear the original action figure look, the Filmation look, or the Netflix series look. Like the recently announced He-Man redeco, the Mondo Toys She-Ra will debut on Mondo’s website as a $250 timed 48-hour release starting at noon central time tomorrow, July 12.

Based on designs by longtime Masters of the Universe collaborator Emiliano Santalucia, with Hector Arce, She-Ra includes:

  • She-Ra Figure
  • Tiara
  • Battle Tiara
  • Classic Tiara
  • Classic Belt
  • Hair Bangs
  • Standard Hair
  • Sheath Opening Hair
  • Power Sword
  • Power Sword Sheath
  • Classic Power Sword
  • Shield
  • Battle Axe Comb
  • Kowl Figure
  • 3 Pairs of Interchangeable Hands
  • Fabric Cape

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Take a look through the gallery below to see all the accessories and the figure in multiple poses. Expect shipments sometime next spring. And now that Mondo has a female body to work with, can someone like Evil-Lyn be far behind?

What di you think of Mondo Toys’ She-Ra figure? Let us know your opinion in comments.

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