She-Ra, Sun-Man, and More MOTU Join Mattel’s Masterverse Figures

Following on the heels of the recent villain reveals in Mattel‘s Masters of the Universe Masterverse line, it’s time for the heroes to shine. And every one of the new reveals depicts a major protagonist. Two versions of He-Man, his twin sister She-Ra, their predecessor He-Ro, and the separately created but now integrated diversity-positive hero Sun-Man. And for the most part, these are versions not seen as toys before.

He-Ro is the exception — he does look a lot like his Classics figure. He’s also the only character of these recent reveals to be based on his appearance in Revelation. Which presumably means characters from that show are still fair game. (Come on, Pig Boy!) She-Ra features a head and body based on the ’80s cartoon, with an alternate cape and shoulder pads from the recent Netflix Princesses of Power, and a second masked head based on the original toy.

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Also from Netflix, animated He-Man includes new levels of detail and articulation not seen in the dedicated toy line for that show. Battle Armor He-Man retains the battle damage feature, using swappable rather than spinning chest plates. But he’s not just a variant — this version appears to be a New Eternia take, featuring a bearded and scarred warrior He-Man who resembles the future king version from Classics.

Finally, Sun-Man gets his first modern update since becoming an official part of Masters of the Universe. Originally a He-Man inspired independent figure aimed at kids who didn’t see themselves represented in the toy aisle, Sun-Man saw a recent revival in a reproduction of the ’80s toy. This newer redesign features translucent wings, a more modern haircut, and his unique sword and shield. It’ll be interesting to see which sub-line he shows up in, or if Rulers of the Sun will get a distinct line of its own.

Take a look through all the images below. Which of these key heroes will become your favorite? Let us know in comments.

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