Mary Jane and Green Goblin Pair for Animated Figure Two-Pack

One of them makes Peter Parker’s life significantly better. The other makes it a lot worse. Which is which depends upon whether you’re the sort of viewer who likes big battles, or stories in which Spider-Man‘s love life doesn’t go downhill. Now packed together, Mary Jane Watson and Green Goblin can keep Spidey in his toes in more ways than one. Indeed, Hasbro‘s latest TV tribute Marvel Legends figures are two major characters collectors won’t want to miss.

Both figures, featuring repaints and head sculpts to look more like their ’90s animated series counterparts, will come in two-packs that resemble vintage VHS slipcovers. Previous entries in this sub-line have included black costume Spider-Man and Carnage, and Aunt May with Doc Ock.

Goblin comes with an unmasked Norman Osborn head, glider, and pumpkin bomb. MJ’s accessories, if any, remain unknown for now, but tradition suggests extra hands. These figures will be available as Hasbro Pulse exclusives later in the year.

For now, Hasbro offers a handful of photos of the figures themselves, though not of their snazzy packaging yet. Take a look at the images below. Then let us know what you think of these particular takes on the popular characters, in our comments section!

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